About Georgia Crawlers

Founded in January 2006, we are a 4x4 club and are always looking for new members. Most of our members are still paying for their rides and use them as daily drivers, so we go off road with the intent of driving home afterwards without use of a tow truck.

Mission Statement: Georgia Crawlers is a family oriented club for off-road enthusiasts. Georgia Crawlers is organized for the purpose of social, recreational and educational activities designed to foster the enjoyment of off-road vehicles while protecting and preserving our natural resources. Georgia Crawlers is committed to safe, responsible four wheeling and adherence to the principals of Tread Lightly!

Trail rides are usually never split up; novice riders get to ride with more advanced riders for a chance to learn from those with experience. You are not required to do what others try/do during rides. You know what you’re getting into before you hit the trail. We have folks with lots of experience and some who are just learning and always growing.

Belong to a Club


Trails are only legal and we do not ride Powerline roads and follow guidelines of TREAD LIGHTLY.

We belong to the biggest offroad associations: 

Southern Four Wheel Drive Association and United Four Wheel Drive Association and Tread Lightly

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